Three Artistic Laser Application

In his 2011 breakthrough album Lasers, American recording artist Lupe Fiasco once wrote “Life’s hard then it feels like diamonds.” Since the 2008 economic recession three years earlier, one tool that many people have used to make diamonds out of hard times is lasers. Lasers have both mechanical and artistic applications, empowering a variety of home and industrial businesses. There are many different applications for modern lasers, but here are three specific areas that can potentially benefit your business today.

1) Metal Cutting

There are more than 100 different types of metals that can be processed with bosslaser cutting machines. Stainless steel, soft steel, aluminum, copper, brass and thin sheet metal are just a few of the metallic mediums that can be cut by lasers. Gas or Co2 lasers are usually used for cutting thin metals, while crystal lasers are often used to cutting thicker metals. Sheet metal is typically cut by fiber lasers. Fiber laser beams absorb sheet metal efficiently at a metal-friendly wavelength.

2) Glass Etching

It is possible to give glass a beautiful and sophisticated look by etching it with lasers. The artistic applications for laser etched glass are numerous. Beer mugs, champagne flutes, shot glasses, ashtrays, Christmas ornaments, as well as plate glass plaques and awards are just a handful of the items that are commonly etched with lasers for a beautiful decorative effect and increased resale value. Laser etching enables you beautifully accentuate logos, text, and other designs for both personal enjoyment and significant resale value.

3) Wood Engraving

One of the best materials for working with lasers is wood. Wood is a great material because of the increased depths at which lasers typically engrave it. Popular materials for laser wood engraving include poplar, hickory, oak, veneer, cedar, and beech, among others. Laser wood engraving can be a useful tool for woodworkers, musical instrument creators, as well as interior decorators and other professionals.

Lasers offer a powerful tool for a vast array of artistic vocations. There are many mediums to which lasers can be applied, and glass etching, wood engraving, and metal cutting are three of the most popular.