A Few Simple Tips to Follow When Setting Up a Blog

Many people have turned to blogging as a creative outlet to share stories and ideas they are quite passionate about with many people in the community and beyond. Though many blogs begin for fun, some gain so much popularity that the individual starts earning a profit. Below is a closer look at what blogs are, and the easiest way to start a blog if one is interested in doing so.

What is a Blog

A blog is a website or web page that is update regularly by one person or a small group. The writing is done in a conversational style and is not formal. Topics for blogs range from fashion tips and cooking, to do-it-yourself projects, movie reviews and life challenges. In fact, blog topics can be anything a person is passionate about and draws a good following from others out there.

First Step in Writing a Blog

The most important aspect about writing a blog is to choose a topic you are very interested in and have a passion for. For example, if you enjoy food and love cooking, then write a blog centered around food. You don’t have to be an expert to become a blogger, but you do need to have the passion for whatever topic you are writing about because it will show in your work.


With so many books and free online content, one can easily find step by step instructions regarding setting up a web page or site to start blogging. Once you have found reliable instructions, follow them and ask for help from other blogger friends if needed. When finished, it is time to make the blog available to others.


One of the easiest ways to let others know of the blog is to use social media accounts. Post the link to social media pages and ask family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers to do the same. The more times it is out there, the more traffic it will generate.

Blogging is a great outlet for creativity, as well as making money at the same time. The more popular a site is, the more money a person can potentially earn.